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Bombs over Minnesota!

Republican Presidential front-runner Mitt Romney got glitter bombed yesterday while attending a campaign rally in Minnesota.

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As Romney walked to the stage inside a warehouse where the rally was being held, a gay rights activist from the group “Glitterati” threw a cup of glitter on the former Massachusetts governor. The glitter poured over his hair, stuck to his face and shimmered from his navy blazer.

When Romney got on stage he wanted to know who threw the glitter saying:

“Wave your hand over here, who threw the glitter? There he goes. Hi there. How are you?… Hey listen, guys, I am delighted to be here with you. This is an exciting time.”

It continues to be a roller coaster ride for Mitt Romney; he won the Florida primary easily on Tuesday, only to be glitter bombed on Wednesday.  

Adding to the fact that fellow rich guy Donald Trump isn’t endorsing him, but rival Newt Gingrich for President.

It’s going to be fun ride as Romney maneuvers across the country!