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After days of tireless voting and picture clicking trying to rate the sexiest woman in the Hip-Pop game is, the results are finally in.

We don’t have a manila envelope and we don’t have Maury to announce them, but the results are in. Drum roll please?

GlobalGrind readers, you came you voted and you conquered naming Beyonce the sexiest woman in Hip-Pop for 2012!

The bootylicious new mommy was neck to neck with former red-haired beauty Rihanna for most of the competition before taking a running sprint to the finish line. Actress Melissa George coming in a close third.

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Check out the top 5 breakdown below:

Beyonce:  27.53% 

Rihanna: 15.8%
Melissa George: 11.6%

Megan Good and Angela Simmons tied up at 8.98%

Nobody was messing with Queen Bey’s throne!

Beyonce, GlobalGrind formally crowns you as Hip-Pop’s hottest woman of 2012. Now you other beauties watch the throne until next year for a chance at being Hip-Pop’s most desirable woman.

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Click through the gallery above to bask at the most desirable woman in all her photographed glory.