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Vanessa Bryant wasn’t with Kobe shooting in the gym, but she still walked away with $75 million. Russell Brand wasn’t with Katy Perry harmonizing in the studio, so that’s why he’s letting Katy keep her money.

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The mind of a rational man is fair and just. Too bad we cannot say the same for others. When Vanessa walked away with 75 milli and three mansions, a lot of women cheered, took to Twitter and rejoiced like Vanessa was letting them come over for mani/pedis and sangria to talk about the latest episode of Basketball Wives.

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Unfortunately for those women, that never happened and never will.

Vanessa Bryant needed $75 million like Octomom needs more kids. This is why Russell Brand gets cool points from me. Because when he could have scored a small win for men all over the globe, he told himself he didn’t need Katy’s money.

By doing that he made a bigger statement: not only does hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, but that some of those women are polluted with greed. 

Some women don’t deserve the enormous amounts of money they get from filing for divorce. I firmly believe that just because one person makes a lot of money for being amazing, that the person they settle down with automatically deserves half of it. 

Russell Brand deserves a round of applause. 

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