What a catch!

A 40-foot long whale shark was found dead and hung up for all to see on the coast of Karachi, Pakistan.

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According to the Express Tribune, Mehmood Khan, the owner of the Charai Fishery, said the whale shark was spotted dead 10 days ago in waters about 93 miles from the fishery coast.

The pier was filled with onlookers trying to get a glimpse of the beastly fish as two cranes attempted to lift the shark, approximately 40 to 50-feet long and six-feet wide, out of the water.

After failing to reel in the fish, more cranes, capable of lifting heavier weights, were called in for the task. The shark was finally lifted from the sea after several hours of efforts and sold $18,750 of $1.7 million rupees.

The whale shark is found deep in warm oceans and munches primarily on plankton. The largest confirmed whale shark was 41 ft long.

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