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Just days before Valentine’s Day, our boy Diggy gave an online gift to all of his female fans out there.

DETAILS: Diggy Unexpectedly Announces Album Title!

The young MC released the cover artwork for his debut album, Unexpected Arrival

Diggy Tweeted the image out a couple of minutes ago, saying: 

On the cover, you see a super cool looking Diggy, opening a large door that seems to lead some kind of mythical, bright city. 

VIDEO: Diggy Simmons Feat. Jeremih “Do It Like You” 

The album cover is a sprinkle of swag, combined with a dash of special effects.

As Diggy tweeted out before, his debut album Unexpected Arrival comes out March 30th.

It will, of course, feature “Do It Like You,” Diggy’s latest smash single, which features our guy Jeremih on the hook.