The Daily Grind Video

Welcome to the weekend! Congratulations on successfully making it through another week. In this week’s version of Dollars & Sense, you can check out all of the cool things you can do in Rome.

Connect with Your Inner Gladiator At the Coliseum:

The Coliseum is one of the coolest attractions to visit while in Rome. It holds the stories of the most epic battles between gladiators, slaves and wild animals during the AD years. It hosted large entertainment events and seats 50,000 people. Today you can visit the coliseum and walk through the arena where history took place!


Enjoy a night at the Opera:

There’s nothing like spending a night out on the town in Rome! Pull out your best outfit and credit card to enjoy a night at the Teatro dell-Opera di Roma-Teatro Costanzi. The best part about this venue are the box seats, so swipe away and enjoy the experience of an opera performance.


Watch an old romantic movie together:

Going to the movies has gotten quite expensive these days. Instead, settle for a night in and watch a classic movie together or with some friends. It will save you $30 dollars and you can enjoy classics like Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Ghost and Casablanca