Blue Ivy Carter photos hit the internet last night and I can’t stop looking at her pictures. Blue Ivy is really as precious as Kelly Rowland said she is, and the way Jay-Z and Beyonce handled the release of the first photos of Blue Ivy is unprecedented. 

PHOTOS: Blue Ivy Carter: The First Pictures Of Jay-Z and Beyonce’s Glory

Last night we saw the pics for the first time on HelloBlueIvyCarter as well as in a post titled “Glory,” on Jay-Z’s own website, Life and Times, where the couple offered up a personal message that began, “We welcome you to share in our joy.” 

Considering how private Jay-Z and Beyonce have been in the past, there is only one thing to say. Thank you.

Thanks for sharing your joy with us. I believe we should all thank them for understanding that their glory is ours as well. 

DETAILS: Blue Ivy Carter Name Meaning

The move was super classy, just like their relationship has been. The pictures are so much more than a celebrity baby. The pictures serve as a promotion of love, in an era where so many relationships are crumbling before our eyes. 

These Blue Ivy photos stand for family where so many fatherless children are born each day. If these images of the Carter family can help just a handful of men and women commit to being a family, then they would already be worth more than any tabloid could have paid Jay-Z and Beyonce. 

We should all thank them, for giving up a glimpse into their most private moment during this beautiful time in their lives. 


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