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‘I think my dad’s gone crazy!’

STORY: WE PRAY! Father Kills His Two Kids, Shoots Wife, Then Himself

A North Carolina man identified as Tommy Jordan has caught the attention of millions after releasing a video on YouTube in which he expresses his frustration with his “rebellious” daughter.

In his YouTube video Tommy called his daughter “rebellious” and a “lazy ass.” The video was in response to his daughter, who is 15-years-old and whose name remains unidentified, posting her disapproval of her parents having her do chores on Facebook.

In the conclusion of the video, Tommy pulls out his .45 gun and shoots his daughter’s laptop 9 times.

As reported by the NY Daily News:

Talk about tough love!

A North Carolina dad’s video lecturing his daughter for being spoiled — and then shooting her laptop full of bullets — has received millions of hits on YouTube.

His anger, according to the video, came after his 15-year-old posted on Facebook complaining about the chores she had to do every day.

“Hannah, you were grounded for about three months for doing something very similar to this, and I would have thought with a father that works in IT for a living, you would have better sense then to do it again. . . .” a man identified as Tommy Jordan said.

Apparently, she didn’t.

After a four-minute long rant detailing “the most disappointing day” of life as a father, Jordan tells his daughter that things are about to get “much harder.” He then pulls out a handgun and asserts, “This right here is my .45,” and proceeds to fire nine bullets into his daughter’s laptop in the YouTube video that reached over 1.8 million views in just two days.

Since the video was posted, his Facebook page has become a continuous stream of updates detailing his daughter’s emotional state, his defense against criticism, and even a meek attempt at charity.

“How about we leverage all the newfound 15 minutes of fame for a good cause?” said Jordan in his Facebook post earlier today that links to the Muscular Dystrophy Association “Can a few of you 40-ba-jillion people help raise awareness and donate to a good cause?”

The newfound YouTube star has expressed some remorse in response to the “unwanted” fame.

“I’ll agree that wasn’t a good example of me as a father. I had been reading that post again and again for about an hour, sometimes in tears, other times so mad my hands were shaking and I was trying very hard to be civil in my message. I slipped in that and said a word I shouldn’t have. I deserve a little backlash for that, no doubt,” said Jordan in another Facebook post.

Besides being embarrassed, Hannah is doing just fine, he said.

He said he even offered her a chance to make a reply video — which she declined.

“It’s only fair, considering the viral nature of the whole thing. So far, she’s not really interested,” he wrote. “Quite frankly, it seems she’s gotten bored of it much faster than the general public has. If that changes, I’ll post it here.”

We are positive there are less violent and more effective ways to getting a message across, Tommy. Using guns to get your point across to your daughter and her Facebook friends is a problem.

SOURCE: NY Daily News

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