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R&B singer Tyrese is a man of many talents. Not only is he a Grammy nominated singer, but he’s also an award winning actor, with a resume longer than your average Hollywood actor.

EXCLUSIVE: Strictly For The Ladies! Tyrese Reveals What He Loves In A Woman

Valentine’s Day is a special day for Tyrese. Not only is it the premiere “day of love,” but it’s also marks the re-release of his latest album, which is now titled, Open Invitation: Reloaded.

GlobalGrind spoke with Tyrese about the day of love, his most special Valentine’s Day, and of course his worse Valentine’s day.

EXCLUSIVE: Tyrese Reveals Why He Reloaded His Album Open Invitation

Check out our exclusive interview below!  

Can you tell me what your worst Valentine’s Day experience was?

I just think a lot of men can relate to this, if we’re going above and beyond to please and create some energy and vibe around this day, let’s have one day to enjoy each other.

I don’t really like when you arrange a bunch for Valentine’s Day, one of the most romantic days in the world, and then the woman shows up and wants to discus issues and conflicts and topics. That takes away from the energy of today, we have tomorrow to discuss all the dumb shit that’s been going on. Let’s have some fun today and enjoy each others company. And let’s get back to all the things we’re not on the same page about tomorrow.

So one of my worst Valentine’s Days was this girl—we wanted to talk about all of the stuff that was on her mind on Valentine’s Day. And we ended up arguing. It was just crazy. That shit cray.

What’s the most sentimental thing you’ve ever done for a lady?

I’m definitely a romantic. I’m a romantic guy all across the board. I play no games with this romance thing. I take this thing very serious.

In my mind, right now, I’m like, “shit, I outdid myself last year. What we doing this year? What’s happening?

What did you do last year?

I was seeing this girl and I…I don’t know if I should say on this interview. (laughs)


Last year for Valentine’s Day I actually was in New York, and we went on a horse and carriage ride to Central Park. Then, like in my video, and I know people are going to steal my idea and shit, I had a heart shaped, with a bow and arrow going thru the roses, in the middle of my bed. Candles were lit and we made love for hours. It was smash time.

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