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How can people be so cruel?

A 15-year-old Madison, Wisconsin girl, whose name remains unidentified, was found on February 6th by a passerby as she walked down the street barefoot in her pajamas with a bleeding gash over her nose.

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According to the Associated Press, Mike Vega, who spotted the little girl, said her body was so contorted that he mistook her for an 8-year-old.

Mike called the ambulance and said that during their wait, the little girl told him her stepmother, Melinda Chritton, put her in a basement and she was able to escape through a window.

Authorities said that the victim reported her father, Chad Chritton, also mistreated her, starving her and even forcing her to eat her own feces.

When the victim was taken to the hospital she weighed in at only 70 lbs. Dr Barbara Knox, of American Family Children’s Hospital in Madison provided service to the fragile girl and said she was at risk of death due to starvation and also said she is likely to have disorders in the future due to prolonged torture.

The parents of the victim, Melinda and Chad Chritton have a hearing set for Thursday where they may face charges of child neglect.

This story is absolutely terrifying. We hope that justice is brought to these parents and that the little girl has a successful recovery.

For more detail on the case, watch the video above.

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