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The death of Whitney Houston is turning ugly, as Bobby Brown has been banned from seeing his own daughter Bobbi Kristina

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According to reports, Bobby Brown still hasn’t seen his daughter three days after Whitney’s death, and on top of that, he isn’t invited to Whitney Houston’s funeral! 

As we previously reported, Bobby Brown left his tour with New Edition to fly to L.A. to be by his daughter’s side, but despite several phone calls he hasn’t been allowed to see Bobby Kristina. 

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TMZ reports:

Brown was turned away by Whitney’s family and friends … who are caring for BK at a home in the Los Angeles area.

According to our sources, Bobby is angry and frustrated because he only came to L.A. to care for 18-year-old Bobbi Kristina after she was hospitalized twice.

As for why he’s blaming Whitney’s mom for the freeze out — we’re told Brown thinks Cissy has hated him for years.

As far as the burial services for Whitney, Bobby isn’t invited to that either! 

The “Don’t Be Cruel” singer has been warned by Houston’s family not to show up to the funeral services because the family isn’t fond of him.

However, TMZ does report that Bobby hasn’t got an official word about an invite. As we know, when you don’t get an invite it usually means you’re not invited.

We hope they can work it out. 

Do you think Bobby should be allowed at the funeral and allowed to see his daughter? 


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