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19-year old Gary L. Holmes was arrested over the weekend for allegedly burglarizing and raping a woman in Coral Springs, Florida.

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According to CBS, the 25-year old victim, whose name remains unidentified, left the sliding glass door of her home open when Holmes entered.

Police spokesman Sgt. Dave Kirkland said:

“The suspect entered the house with the intention of committing a burglary [around 8 pm] and was surprised by the homeowner… The homeowner was surprised by the suspect and he opted to attack her at that point.”

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Holmes, who police say was armed with a knife, then proceeded to attack the woman with punches and slices to her hands and legs. He then forced her into her bedroom and began to rape her.

During the attack, the victim was able to subtly call 911 on her cell phone and though she wasn’t able to communicate, police were able to hear the confrontation and locate the proximity of the attack.

Once the suspect fled on foot, the victim called 911 from her landline and officers tracked down Gary moments later.

Luckily the suspect may have not been aware of the newborn baby that was in the woman’s home during the time of his attack.

Gary’s grandmother, a 76-year old churchgoer, had this to say about the alleged attacks of her grandson:

“I blame him for doing anything like that… I raised nine head of kids and I have 15 grandkids and he ain’t had no business doing that.”

Gary, whose grandmother said lived just a few homes away from the victim, faces charges of sexual battery, burglary with battery, armed occupied burglary and petty theft.


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