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What a tragedy!

Los Angeles TV actress and choreographer Zina Bethune died shortly after midnight Sunday. Zina, who is known for her animal loving nature, was hit by two vehicles on Forest Lawn Drive in Los Angeles.

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According to the LA Times, Zina parked her vehicle alongside the road and attended to a possum that she saw wounded in the middle of the road. A speeding vehicle going in the opposite direction hit her. Immediately after that, another vehicle hit her, which set her flying 600 feet away.

For Zina, showing care towards animal was essential. Her longtime friend Paula Woodley said, “If she saw the animal moving and thought it was suffering, I know she would stop…”

Directing Manager Mary Avila, of Zina’s nonprofit called Theatre Bethune, which is dedicated to teaching artistic and dancing skills said, “Zina has been known to take care of all living things, from birds falling out of nests to relocating a snake; she’s that type of human being…”

Los Angeles police are still investigating the matter and have yet to identify the person responsible for the second collision with Zina.

Our condolences go out to the family and friends of Zina.