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Fashion’s most beloved socialite Zelda Kaplan died in the front row of a fashion show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in NYC!

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Kaplan, a 95-year-old fashion icon, collapsed in the front row of the runway during New York’s fashion week. According to reports, Kaplan appeared to have fainted and eventually slumped into the lap of Ruth Finley, publisher of the Fashion Calendar, at the very beginning of the show. Security then carried her out of the tent to perform CPR and rush her to Roosevelt Hospital. It was there that she was pronounced dead. 

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Zelda was known for her love of partying and continued to attend nightlife events even at the age of 95. Along with her status as a fashion icon, Zelda was known for her philanthropy, ballroom dancing skills and a brief career in women’s pro golf. 

Rest in peace Zelda.