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Shannon Kane went from Wild N Out to All My Children To Brooklyn’s Finest. I had the chance to kick it w/ the beautiful Shannon Kane and dig deep into her soul and mind to find out how she went from a Wild N Out girl to one of brightest stars on TV and in Hollywood. 

XILLA: Tell me what’ it’s like being on All My Children

Shannon Kane: “I’m currently on All My Children and it’s like boot camp for actors. Everyday we have different material, we only have a day or two and it’s really less than a week of advance notice of with our new lines, but it’s really sharpened my skills technically. It’s an adventure you never know what to expect.”

I also saw that you did Wild N Out, What was your role on the show?

‘Wow y’all are digging! (Laughs) On Wild N Out I was one of the girls, You know the Wild N Out Girls the walk around and give them the scores and all that stuff.’ 

Did Affion or Nick Cannon ever try to hit on you? 

‘(Laughs) No, No… How about No comment’

Well did any of the guest or anyone on set try to approach one of the Wild N Out girls?

‘Yeah it happened a lot, especially during the first season. It was a very cool environment where the audience had access to all the models and celebrities, so it was cool for them because they got face-to-face experience with everybody. But for us, it wasn’t really a barrier between them and us. So we did have that quite often, and not just with myself, but with the other girls as well.’


What’s your stance on Interracial dating

‘I am interracial, my father is African American, my mother is Caucasian and that’s where I come from. We have an American President who is the same thing. Interracial dating has had a lot of powerful and amazing results, so I don’t see anything wrong with it. 

I believe that no matter who you are you can find love in the most random places. As long as you’re happy and civil you can contribute to this world and to this society.’ 

How did you land your role in Brooklyn’s Finest? 

‘I landed that role by working hard for that role. I went for the auditions. It was vigorous audition process, but 8 callbacks later I finally booked the role and yeah it was a very long and strenuous process, but well worth it. 

I had to go deep for the roll of Chantelle it’s not just an easy happy go lucky role, so I had to dig real deep. On top of just being exposed and just enlightening myself with new experiences I never had before in order to transform into this role. It was definitely a challenging time, but the great thing about it was working with these big hitters like Richard Gere, they just keep you on your toes so you don’t have a choice but to stay on your feet.’


What is the one thing you want people to know about you? 

‘One thing that I want people to know about me is to not be fooled by what they called beauty. That I have a lot more to offer and I plan on challenging whatever comes my way and to know that I am very motivated and dedicated to the craft.’ 

Have your looks hurt you in your career or helped? 

‘In the Entertainment industry looks are always a h