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Vanessa Bryant doesn’t want to be in Cali anymore.

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This weekend, Kobe Bryant’s soon-to-be ex-wife was spotted apartment shopping with her daughters in NYC. 

Although it isn’t clear yet whether Vanessa is going to relocate, sources are indicating that she definitely wants an apartment on the East Coast.

PHOTOS: Kobe And Vanessa Share V-Day Kiss!

If Vanessa does in fact decide to move, it would be a heartbreaking blow to Lakers star Kobe, especially since they were just recently seen sharing a kiss on Valentine’s Day.

According to TMZ

Vanessa believes Lakers fans and Lakers wives don’t like her — at least that’s the way she perceives it.

So the move wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing for Vanessa if this is true.
Vanessa now owns three of Kobe’s estates in Newport Beach, CA. Kobe is set to transfer the title to her as part of their divorce settlement which hasn’t been finalized yet. Vanessa will still score a total of $75 million in the settlement

Damn! Vanessa will be set for life if the couple decides to go through with the divorce.

If she does move, we hope it isn’t permanent. It would split the family apart and we hope the couple can work out their problems soon.