The news world was shocked and saddened earlier today by the reported deaths of foreign journalists Remi Ochlik and Marie Colvin.

STORY: Syrian Shells! Foreign Journalists Bombed In War Zone

For months now, Syria’s President Assad has been ruthlessly holding onto power as the Syrian people demand regime change. The amount of innocent people reported dead is in the hundreds of thousands.

The violence in Syria has gotten so brutal that the United Nations’ General Assembly voted to condemn the actions of the Syrian government.

Remi and Marie were in Syria covering protests in the city of Homs. During their coverage the Syrian military, under the leadership of Assad, sent in bombs and helicopter gunfire, resulting in the death of many, including Remi and Marie.

The Syrian government isn’t the only country that has brutally murdered journalists. From Syria to Mexico, there are just some countries that have not been too accepting of journalists doing their job as news reporters.

Check out the accompanying gallery to see the Top 10 Most Anti-Journalist countries in the world and find out what country is responsible for the most journalists’ deaths since 1992 as provided by the Committee to Protect Journalists.


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