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Since the remix of “Turn Up the Music” and “Birthday Cake” both premiered on Monday, everyone seems to have an opinion about the reunion of Chris Brown and Rihanna

MUSIC: John Legend & Ludacris “Tonight (Best You Ever Had)” 

The latest to voice their opinion about the controversial situation was singer John Legend and his fiancé, Sports Illustrated model Christine Teigen.

Last night, the two were on Watch What Happens: Live on Bravo. While on the show, a caller phoned in and asked John Legend what he thought of the Breezy and RiRi reunion. John was his noncommittal, PC-self and only commented by saying “I don’t have any thoughts about it.”

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Then there was Christine, who was not noncommittal and PC. The outspoken model said: 

“I absolutely think it’s terrible. That’s just me speaking. John cannot because he’s in the music realm, but I am not, so I am more than happy to say that I think it’s terrible.”


She wasn’t done, however. After the show, Chrissy went on Twitter and started sh*ting on Chris Brown and battling it out with some of his supporters. Here are some of the comments she made: 

Jeez, talk about going in!

Even though John didn’t have much to say about Chris Brown and Rihanna, he still made some headlines of his own.

Before the C. Brown question, the singer was asked, “Who is the most overrated musician working today?” His response: “Ke$ha.”

Shots everywhere.

Check out Chrissy going in on Chris Brown up top and Mr. Legend sending shots at Ke$ha below. 


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