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And the dad of the year award goes to….Don Cesar.

Why you might ask, because he has given his son the greatest gift of all, the chance to lose his virginity. The Nicaraguan father took Juan to a local brothel in search of a prostitute for his son’s first time.

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In the video you see young Juan embarking on a monumental moment in his life with his father by his side.

Cesar and Juan approach the brothel, talk business and before you know it Juan enters a room and not long after emerges from behind the tin door with a big smile on his face.

All the while the interview asks local residents who frequent the brothel whether or not Cesar was doing the right thing, they all agreed he wasn’t.

In fact, young Juan lost his virginity to the daughter of the man who lives in the brothel. The legal age of consent in Nicaragua is 18-years-old.

It’s a video you have to see to believe.