A couple days ago photos of the legendary pop star Whitney Houston in her golden casket were released and published in the National Enquirer.

CEO of the Whigman Funeral Home that Whitney was in, Carolyn Whigman, expressed her disappointment with many fans and onlookers blaming someone on her staff for leaking the photo. Carolyn said she was both “devastated and horrified” by the accusations, saying:

“We did not take that photo. We did not sell the photo. We would never do something like that. Whitney was a friend. I’m the one who flew to Los Angeles and got Whitney from the coroner’s office. I did everything to protect her.”

She then went on to speak on the level of security that was provided to ensure that Whitney’s body was protected saying:

“They were there 24 hours a day. They slept there with her. She was never alone, anywhere. The only time security fell back was when the family had the private viewing Friday. We weren’t involved with that. The family invited its own guests.”

But if it wasn’t anyone associated with the funeral home, and only Whitney’s family and closest friends has access to the casket, who would have taken–and SOLD–that photo to the tabloid? It’s a question we’ll be asking for a while.

Carolyn has also said that the Houston family is standing by her side in the face of the daunting accusations.

In her interview with the NY Daily News, Carolyn also denied allegations made by many news sites claiming Houston was buried with 500 thousand dollars worth of stones.



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