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Too cute!

You could definitely say that Kyla Pratt shocked everyone when she revealed she had a baby girl a little over a year ago.

After going into hiding for the past couple of years, the 25-year-old actress is finally letting her fans see what her baby girl, Lyric, looks like!

Kyla and her boyfriend Danny made a cute comic strip of their little princess that Kyla tweeted to her followers.

She spoke last month with Vibe Vixen about her pregnancy and her new bundle of joy:

“Girl, no sleep, but [my baby] is my world! That’s all I think about everyday, and everything I do is just for her. I want to make sure she’s good in her future. I’m enjoying every minute of it! My pregnancy was wonderful. I have a great man by my side and a very supportive and loving family that is there for me. I got to enjoy the beauty of another human being growing inside of me.”

So adorable! 

What do you think; Lyric looks just like her mommy, right?