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The Internet is infamous for a multitude of things, and that includes informing and sometimes misinforming the masses about celebrities, and also killing them on twitter once in a while.

PHOTOS: Paula Patton Says Getting Her Post Baby Body Has Been Cray!

When it came to Paula Patton this past week the Internet didn’t fake her death, but it did fake a pregnancy for the Mission Impossible starlet by reporting that she was expecting her second child with husband Robin Thicke.

PHOTOS: Provocative Paula Patton In GQ!

GlobalGrind caught up with the Paula recently where we got to touch base a little about starring in a movie with Tom Cruise, her workout regime and most importantly we got the starlet to debunk those pregnancy rumors.

Check out the exclusive interview below.

Paula Patton On her body:

Paula: Well a lot of it has to do with Jeanette Jenkins, who is my trainer. I like to eat though, so I need to workout. I workout about four or five times a week. We mix it up with Pilates and yoga, but also some weight training and cardio. You can only do the best you can.

Global Grind: Any limitations on your diet?

You just try to do everything in moderation. You try to do good during the week then you have a cheat day. When you feel like you constantly can’t do things its not good for you. Life isn’t worth living if you can’t have bread, cheese and wine. Enjoy yourself.

Hard to lose baby weight?

I didn’t think of it that way. I had to do what I had to do. I did Jumping the Broom and did the best that could. And then Mission [Impossible] required a different kind of physical activity. That was hard work. Playing a secret agent. It was grueling at times. But after that first month everything gets easier and you feel empowered.

How was it working with Tom Cruise?

He’s really kind man and such a hard worker. He remembers people’s names and how your family is. That is a really special thing. That is something to be admired.

Did he give you advice on the physical aspect of the role?

A little bit. He encourages you but said ‘Do your thing. You are here because we believe in you. Don’t blink when you shoot a gun. Don’t bite your lip when you try to fight.’

Baby # 2?

Not right now.

But you do want another child?

Maybe, but not necessarily right now. Never say never. Honestly its a lot of work to be a mom and work and be a wife and give your love to all of those things. Don’t know how I’d have the time for a second right now and be involved the way I’d want to be involved. But if god blesses me again then great, but right now I have my hands full.

How do you keep it fresh with Robin?

Honestly its desire. We have our ups and downs like anybody else, but we have an intense passion and love for one another that makes us just want to make it work and stay together. And you have to compromise. But we’re crazy in love.


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