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The 23-year-old model and fashion editor Lauren Scruggs has added more relief to her fans and loved ones when she was spotted leaving a gym in Dallas, wearing her infamous Dallas Cowboys baseball cap and a jacket covering her lost arm.

Lauren lost her arm and eye back in December in Richmond of Frisco, Texas when she was injured by a plane’s propeller. Since the tragic accident she has made tremendous progress, rebuilding her ability to speak and walk.

In her appearance to the public this time, she revealed her prosthetic eye. Lauren’s next surgical step is attaining a prosthetic arm.

As reported by E!:

Scruggs, who lost her left arm and eventually her left eye after she accidentally walked into a plane’s propeller, was spotted leaving the gym wearing workout gear, a Dallas Cowboys baseball cap and a jacket that covered her missing left arm.

The 23-year-old blonde was fitted with the new prosthetic eye at the end of January.

“It is beautiful,” Lauren’s mom, Cheryl, wrote on her blog following the fitting. “Thank you God for providing.”

The next step in Lauren’s recovery is a prosthetic arm, and while that process is underway, her family continues to try to keep her uplifted.

“We cherish hearing positive words come from Lo’s mouth, and look forward to her beautiful smile (which melts our hearts). But we also know that at times she feels like her world is caving in, when she grieves that her life is changed forever,” Cheryl wrote Friday. “We experience so many things, all in one day. Good & bad, great & small. But we do contemplate life more. We treasure each moment.”

We wish Lauren and her family the best, and that her recovery continues to succeed.


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