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Awww how sweet! 

Drake and Common seem like they buried the rap beef hatchet in Orlando during NBA All-Star Weekend. 

Guess basketball really brings people together. 

Late last year, one of the oddest head-scratching rap beefs began, and we must say, we’re sooooo glad it’s over.

Drake and Common exchanged a few diss tracks and shady comments, but all seemed to be well during All-Star weekend.

The two rappers were seen chatting it up during the game. No one really knows what was said, but Common is smiling so obviously no harsh words were exchanged.

Common’s beef may have been a ploy to get attention, and it seems like Drake’s glad that he can be cool with a legend again. 

Are you glad the Drake vs. Common beef is over?! 

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SOURCE: Gotty@SmokingSection