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We’ve got Kanye West, Common and Lupe Fiasco, but there is a new Chi-town native in the game ready to take over and his name is Paypa.

The SRC/Universal signed rapper has been connected to the major label for a little over a year and has been on his grind, already racking up major collabos – one of which has been with our favorite Wing Stop eating, Maybach cruising favorite, Rick Ross, and others including Ray-J, Chris Brown and Nipsey Hussle.

But Paypa has some new tricks up his sleeve, ready to release the sequel to his last mixtape, entitled Bottle, Henny On The Rocks II.

We got a chance to chat with the promising new artist to hear what features he has in store for his new project, his first encounter with Kanye, and his love for rachetness and chicken!

Check it all out and more below!

GlobalGrind: So tell us all about this new mixtape!

Paypa: It’s the follow up to my last mixtape Henny On The Rocks. It’s called Bottle HOTR II and it’s more serious…none of the glitz and the glamour and shine. I really just honed in on rapping, my motto on this mixtape was just ‘Shut up and rap!’ I tried to separate myself from the rest of the pack as far as lyrical ability. I had fun.

It’s just straight rapping?

Just BARS! Who wanna battle son?!

You have had some big features in the past, who can we expect to hear on this new project?

We got some really great features on this one. I got Naledge from Kidz In The Hall on there. I got Chip Tha Ripper, I got Marcus Manchild on there, I got Raekwon, Emilio Rojas… we done knocked out like three joints in the last week. Shantelle… she’s on there, she’s dope.

So you’re from Chicago, what is your favorite spot to eat at – except for Harold’s?

See you already trying to stereotype me, that’s what I was about to say. It’s true! But Giordano’s, Giordano’s is good; it’s a pizza spot. The one in Hyde Park though, it’s crazy. You’ve never had a deep-dish pizza until you’ve been to Giordano’s. That and little hood spots. There’s a spot called Eat N’ Run on 95th, they have the dope pizza puffs with some mild sauce.

In your bio you said after you’re done taking over music you wanted to venture off into the restaurant business … what kind of restaurant would it be?

Yeah I like to eat, it’s gonna be a chicken spot. I like chicken man, am I wrong for that, for fitting into the stereotype? Yeah, I love chicken. All kinds: boiled, baked, barbequed, fried. Then I just want to have all kinds of chicken there. You can have Cuban type chicken, Creole chicken.

Kanye and Common are also both from Chicago, have you met them?

Yeah absolutely.

What were those experiences like?

My experience with Kanye was before I was actually got in the game, I tried to give him a CD and I think he was walking into the Staples Center or something and he was like, “Yo, I’m not taking no CDs right now” and I was like, “aiight, nice to meet you too brotha.”

Then Common, I met him at church, we both went to Trinity Baptist of 95th street. But I haven’t talked to either one of those guys since I’ve had a little movement moving. I’d like to run into them and tell ’em. I can’t wait to tell Kanye the story. 

How long ago was this Kanye incident?

When Kanye told me that, that was like ’07. It wasn’t that long ago. I’ll never forget it!

Who’s your favorite person to follow on Twitter?

It’s some people that really talk crazy on twitter. Charlamagne is UNREAL on Twitter. Probably Charlamagne, Rev Run, he always has something nice to say. I don’t know a lot of people that talk crazy … there be a lot of rachet chicks – like some ratchet, hood, terrible upbringing, no manners, that just talk crazy on Twitter. They have like 2000 followers, but they talk crazy and I love them!

You love the “rachet-ness”?!

Yeah, I think it’s necessary for Twitter. I think Twitter is the form where you can express your “rachet-ness.” 

Who’s your celebrity crush?


Sounds like you have quite a list.

Yeah … we can go Gabrielle Union. After the Super Bowl we can go with Madonna, Salma Hayek. I’m trying to play it safe with people that I don’t actually know. Sanaa Lathan … oh and Sade! Listen, I’ll stop whatever I’m doing right now, whatever, whenever, however for Sade.

If you were trapped on a deserted island with only 3 albums, what would they be?

Reasonable Doubt, Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill and man, this next one I’m about to say … I’m actually not happy that I’m about to say this, but this is how I feel right now, Drake, Take Care album. I don’t care how anybody feels about it. I don’t care, I like it a lot. The Take Care album, it’s an album that you can just pop in, half the time I’m riding to it, I’m not listening to anything else going on. It’s just good riding music, just to clear your head. I could rock with those three albums.

What else are you listening to in your iPod right now?

I listen to some J.Cole. I listen to Kendrick. I listen to Kendrick his mixtape called O.D and then the rest is just my crew B.C.C, Blue Collar Coalition, Nick Dees, C4. We the new movement moving, we like the new Roc or something. So shout out to all my BCCs.

What advice would you give other artists trying to get into the game?


Would you care to elaborate?


No, just work?

Yeah that’s it, there’s no other advice that’s necessary. Just shut up and work, no excuses. Just work, no side hobbies, no other hustle, just work and get a job to pay for what you doing. If you can’t get an investor, you better be able to pay for what you doing to put some gas in your car and get where you need to go. Other than that, just work.

What motivates you more, fear or love?

Love … both, but definitely love. When it comes to fear, I’m motivated by the fact that I’m afraid of it. I think I’m learning to go harder. I used to be more of a close-minded person, so if it’s something I don’t know about or I’m scared of, I probably wouldn’t mess with it. But I’m kind of breaking out of it now. But love is why we out here and we do what we love and we do it for who we love.

What last words do you have for the people?

Paypatime.com log on. Hit me on Twitter @papyatime and look out for the new mixtape The Bottle, HOTR II! Blue Collar Coalition!

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