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Is it too soon to talk about Whitney’s biopic? Apparently not. According to reports, our favorite Barbadian princess Rihanna was the leading candidate to play Whitney, but it looks like Rihanna is out!

No confirmations have been made about Whitney’s mentor Clive Davis supposedly wheeling this whole cinematic endeavor. Furthermore, Gossipcop reports to have spoken to Davis’ rep, who negates all allegations and states:

“There is no truth to this. Clive is not putting together a biopic.”

However, in March of 2011, Rihanna was asked if she fancied the idea of playing Whitney in a remake of Bodyguard and she candidly replied:

“I hate it when singers do singing movies all the time, because you can never look at them as anybody else. I want to play a character. My whole life is playing Rihanna; being a singer won’t be a stretch for me.”

Whether the biopic or a remake of Bodyguard is really in the works or not, let’s consider the notion.

Brandy, 33, is seemingly over the moon about playing Whitney’s character. She spoke with TrueExclusives weeks before Whitney was laid to rest, saying:

“My dream role would be to play Whitney Houston…Of course she would have to sing all the songs. But I would love to play Ms. Whitney. I have her personality down pat, her ‘isms’ down pat. Like no offense ladies — it’s a lot of talented ladies there — but nobody can play Whitney like me. Yes!”

But what do you think, folks?

Could Jennifer Hudson’s voice compatibility win her a Whitney role? Or maybe Vivica’s seniority in the acting world lends her leeway to snatch this kind of role. Perhaps Rihanna’s shared features could triumph over all other candidates… 

We’ll have to wait and see. For now, peep photo ops of Rihanna leaving her Central London hotel this afternoon, all too fly in a chic visor, Prada coat and shades.  

SOURCE: GossipCop

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