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Just hours ago, XXL revealed their 5th anniversary Freshman Class cover.

Social media networks sounded off, and the majority of you voted what you though of this year’s cover.

An overwhelming 75 percent of you were completely turned off by the list, even though the ensemble sported an interesting mix of emcees.

Though some artists on the cover have yet to make their considerable mark in the industry, one thing’s for sure: the Freshman Class cover is one of the most ideal platforms to launch from – take last year’s list for example.

More than half of 2011’s list, including Meek Mill, Yelawolf, Kendrick Lamar and Diggy Simmons, proved themselves as notable emcees and marked 2011 as their own.

Though the 2012 race for next up has just begun, a few of the artists on this year’s list have already made their head starts.

For instance, French Montana’s been putting in work since 2007, and released over 10 mixtapes during his career. His “Choppa Choppa Down” and ”Shot Caller” singles and remixes have been holding the streets down since 2011.

Iggy Azalea popped up unannounced, but once her videos “Pu$$y” and “My World” went viral, and her debut mixtape Ignorant Art dropped late last year, she’s been able to keep everyone’s attention since.

Machine Gun Kelly managed to touch down on the 2011 SXSW stage without the backing of a record label. His performance and track record got him to the boardroom of Bad Boy and Interscope Records.

These artists and a few others on this list most certainty have the upper-hand when it comes to exposure and popularity, and some still have some work to do to catch up. 

But just like 2011 proved, 2012 can easily be anyone’s year.

Who do you think will lead the pack in 2012? Sound off below!