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Odd Future’s Earl Sweatshirt has only been home for about three weeks or so, but it looks like the kid is already making big moves. 

MUSIC: Odd Future’s Earl Sweatshirt Returns “Home” 

Earl and the super dope Santigold are collaborating on a song together. Santigold confirmed the track to Pitchfork, telling the magazine: 

“It sounds like a fun collab! If it turns out dope, you’ll hear it!” 

Damn, we can’t lie, that sounds crazy. 

If you’re wondering how the Odd Future member and Santigold hooked up, the answer is simple: social media. The whole process unfolded for everyone to see on Twitter last week:

Social media is magic, we swear! Now let’s hope the song is “dope” so we can, you know, “hear it.” 

SOURCE: Pitchfork 

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