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If A$AP Rocky is the prettiest motherf*cker in hip-hop, Cleveland’s own Machine Gun Kelly HAS to be the wildest motherf*cker in hip-hop – period. 

VIDEO: Machine Gun Kelly Lends A Helping Hand To Handicapped Fan!

The Bad Boy rapper has had one hell of a year!

After getting an official co-sign from Diddy at last year’s SXSW, Machine Gun Kelly has been on a whirlwind filled with Lace Up fanatics and screaming hot girls vying for his attention. 

His most recent accomplishment includes scoring a coveted position in XXL’s 2012 Freshmen Class. 

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Machine Gun Kelly: “White Boy Rap Is Corny As F*ck”

GlobalGrind sat down with Machine Gun Kelly to talk about his overnight success, his hilarious fantasies about country pop star Taylor Swift, and potential hip-hop collaborations. 

Check out our exclusive interview below! Make sure you check out part deux of MGK’s interview coming soon! 

GlobalGrind: You did a show with Lil Wayne a few months ago. How was it? 

Machine Gun Kelly: Yeah, I did one show.

It wasn’t really our demographic, so Wayne and I didn’t really share the stage. We wanted to keep the direction singular. We didn’t really want to go from basically punching holes in the walls to like, f*ckin’ arenas in one day. We wanted to keep the holes in the walls going until we earned that spot ourselves.

I saw the video where you were in Cleveland with DJ Khaled. Are you guys working on a collaboration right now?

Man, I hope. I don’t know. Me and hip-hop are so disconnected right now. Like me and the hip-hop world. So I’m trying to get that connection back a little bit.

Why do you think that is?

Because we have such a wild presence. It’s like it attracts a different type of audience. So a lot of hip-hop people, they don’t really pay attention to what I’m doing. I think people are scared to take the risk, too. I should have been featured on a lot of shit. But I think people are a little scared to take that risk.

That hasn’t really stopped a lot of rappers from co-signing people that no one knew. Diddy co-signed you off the jump. 

Diddy is a revolutionist, period. But not everyone thinks like that.

The stiff-arm dance – you made that up yourself?

Yes, on the spot.

When do you do that dance? Whenever you’re on stage?

Every chance I get.

I wish you were feeling better because I would definitely have you do the stiff-arm dance on top of the table in this restaurant.

Day 2 hangover, 48-hour hangover going on right now! Still raging! About to get another drink. Let’s go! And I had sex during hangover time.

Last time we talked about your preference for ass or titties. I visit your website often, and I see you still have a thing for ass.

Yes. (laughs)

You and your homeboys were grabbing ass at your concerts. Have you been able to grab more ass now?

Nah, I’m still working at it. There are a lot of conservatives, which I hate. So hopefully that famous hit will break that, I’m trying to get as famous as possible so girls will just get naked without me having to ask them to. We’re like the f*cking Motley Crue of hip-hop. Get naked or get the f*ck out of my hotel! (laughs)

If you could have three wishes, what would your wishes be?

First off, I wish my first album Lace Up does exactly what I dream it would when it comes out next year. Second I wish that, no matter how successful I get, I’m with the same team that I started out with. Third, I wish that…. (friend in the background yells “wish some ignorant shit!”)

I wish I could f*ck the most famous female celebrity in the asshole on camera. Sex tape. I’m a big fan of anal!

And Taylor Swift’s an “Anal Queen.”

I said that in an interview?

Yes! Last time we talked to you! 

Aww, man. (laughs)  

So maybe we should link you guys up.

Oh, I’d love to go on a hook-up. A hook up would be awesome.

Do you remember what your last dream was about?

I stopped having dreams for the whole summer to be honest.

When you were a kid, what was your favorite toy to play with?

A light saber. That’s dope. I think that transcended into my love of girls with dildos.

If you had a porno what would it be called?

I’d call it like, “Pink 159.”

What does money mean to you?

F*ck money.

Money over happiness and money over bullshit?

Money sucks. Money tears friends apart.

How has your life changed since being signed?

Not one bit.

So you don’t find any difference between what you’re doing now?

No. We never pushed the button the label either, so like we haven’t even allowed the label to help, do anything yet. Shit, tomorrow it could all change. But I’m excited to see how it’s all going. But that’s definitely a good question. 

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