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This Super Tuesday is the most undecided in recent political history; the unpredictability factor of the 2012 Republican race for the presidency has been unprecedented.

STORY: Too Close To Call! Super Tuesday Voters Can’t Decide

It’s a close toss-up between Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum and there’s no clear winner in sight. Both candidates have their weaknesses and strengths.

For instance, Romney has won the most elections so far, but a large number of Republicans aren’t feeling his message. Many GOP voters think he’s too liberal to represent the party in Washington.

So as we embark on Super Tuesday, there’s quite a lot at stake. There are 437 delegates in the Super Tuesday 10 states, which break down as follows:

Alaska – 27

Georgia – 76

Idaho – 32

Massachusetts – 41

North Dakota – 28

Ohio – 66

Oklahoma – 43

Tennessee – 58

Vermont – 17

Virginia – 49

So as we enter one of the most closely watched days of the 2012 Election cycle, here’s what you need to know.

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