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Happy Friday! In honor of the beautiful weather people are experiencing all over the country today, let’s make this week’s Dollars & Sense, Freebie Friday a dedication to the awesome sunny days coming! Of course we have to pick a place to celebrate, so why not Sarasota, Florida!

Spend the day lounging at the beach:

Sarasota Florida is home to the number one beach in the country, Siesta Beach. The beach is free of charge and the perfect way to enjoy the beautiful weather. So grab some sun tan lotion, a towel and a good book!


Set up the Grill!

Call some of your closest friends and have a bbq or picnic. To save money you can have everyone bring his or her own drinks or snacks. It’s quick, cute and fun. Happy grilling.


Financial Tip: Carpool!

Gas is only getting higher and higher these days, so save money by carpooling! It’s easy and it will give you a chance to catch up with your coworkers/friends before work! Happy Saving!