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Rap is rarely without controversy and over the past few decades, hip-hop has immersed itself in honest, yet contentious issues and topics. 

DETAILS: Iggy Azalea Clears Up Controversial “Runaway Slave Master” Lyric

Whether it’s addressing police brutality, race, homophobia, or hypersexual activity, rappers of all calibers have found themselves immersed in controversy over words they’ve said. 

Rap newcomer Iggy Azalea got her first dose of controversy over lyrics she spit on an internet freestyle entitled “D.R.U.G.S.” 

VIDEO: T.I. Comes To The Defense Of Iggy Azalea Against Azealia Banks

Iggy rapped, “When the relay starts I’m a runaway slave…Master/shitting on the past gotta spit it like a pastor.”

That lyric obviously didn’t sit well with many people, and Iggy has since released an official apology. 

GlobalGrind decided to round up the most hateful, homophobic, sexual, and down right dirty lyrics that have found rappers in hot water. 

Take a look at the top 10 most controversial rap lyrics in the gallery above!

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