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No matter what size or shape you are, you always want to feel beautiful and sexy.

Clothes that are comfortable and fit you just right always help you feel more confident. And, like the rest of us, Sanaa Lathan appreciates clothes that fit her body well, especially when she’s going out.

We all have that one outfit that we know we’ll always feel good, and look good in, and Sanaa is no different. 

Sanaa says, “Finding the dress that is the perfect fit is a must when I’m in the mood to party! I have a vintage Gucci dress that I love. I wore it when I was on a TV show and I didn’t want to let it go! It’s so sexy, it fits me like a glove.”

Sanaa never knows who she may run into, and more times than not, her picture will be taken while out and about, so it’s important she always look, and feel her best!

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