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Melanie Fiona’s sophomore album, The MF Life, drops in four days, and unsurprisingly, the album recently sprung a leak.

MUSIC: Melanie Fiona Featuring J.Cole “This Time” 

There’s a lot of good music on The MF Life, which includes additional collaborations from NasJ. ColeB.o.B. and John Legend. But there’s one track in particular that stood out to us, and that song would be “I Been That Girl.”

MUSIC: Melanie Fiona: “People Should Live Their ‘MF’ Life!”

“I Been That Girl” tells the cautionary and very relatable tale of a woman who’s stuck in a sour relationship. The song is definitely one of the album highlights, and listening to it we couldn’t help but think that it sounded familiar.

Then we realized why.

“I Been That Girl” was co-written by our guy Drake, who knows a thing or two about writing R&B. 

Once you hear the song, you’ll instantly hear the Drake influences, from the melody to the lyrics.

It’s pretty cool to hear Drake write from the perspective of a woman again, similar to what he did on “Unthinkable,” the song he penned with Alicia Keys

This is not the first time Melanie and Drake worked together. Before they blew up, the two of them were in a group together called The Renaissance. 

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