Most of us love our favorite celebrities for their talents and personalities, but there are a lot who stand out because of their beauty!

It’s not easy maintaining those good looks and healthy physiques when you’re a celebrity, but they still manage to do it.

PHOTOS: What Kanye Workout?! Get On Mo’Nique’s Workout Level!

Recently, actress Mo’Nique posted some photos of her going hard in the paint at the gym on her Twitter, and it definitely dropped some jaws.

Maybe Jonah Hill should spend some time with Mo’Nique in the gym, so he can keep off some of that weight he lost.

Even Kim Kardashian is constantly photo’d getting her work out in almost every day of the week. Now that’s dedication!

PHOTOS: Kim Kardashian Pumps Some Iron Just In Time For Valentine’s Day

However often they put in work, we all know that celebrities have got to be going H.A.M. in that gym to look the way they do.

We should be taking notes, since we are going to be bringing out those bikinis soon.

Check out the gallery for celebrities going H.A.M. in their work outs!

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