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Seriously, can Paula Patton get any hotter?

With every photo shoot we see with Robin Thicke’s wifey she sizzles a little more, and her feature in this month’s Maxim Australia is no different.

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The Mission impossible actress looked stunning as she chopped it up with the Maxim from down under about her “Top Gun” actor co-star and her loving husband.

Check out some excerpts from the interview below:

On whether she’d make a good spy in real life:
“I think I’d be fairly good, except I’m too emotional. I can keep secrets, I like wearing disguises and pretending to be people I’m not, but faking being in love with someone would be too hard.”

On whether Tom Cruise’s Ethan Hunt or Jason Bourne would win a race:
“Oh, come on. Have you seen Tom’s run? Not just in this – I’m talking about every movie he’s been in. The guy’s got a crazy run. It’s one of the all-time greats.”

On if she thinks singer/songwriter husband Robin Thicke has the ultimate job for wooing women:
“It’s not bad. It doesn’t hurt. He’s dedicated tracks to me in the past – which he should! If he dedicates them to another woman, he’ll be in trouble!”

Her candid personality makes Paula even hotter! Be sure to check out paula in Maxim Australia!