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Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney has snatched yet another victory; totaling his delegates to 501.

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According to the Associated Press, Romney secured a win in the Puerto Rico primary, winning a majority of the vote.

Though Puerto Rico is not an official United States state, both the Republican and Democratic party allow their nominees for president to collect delegates from the commonwealth.

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Puerto Rico Governor Luis Fortuño endorsed Romney which may have helped him seize a victory.

Romney spoke on his win to a crowd in Puerto Rico saying:

“I care about you. I care about the people of Puerto Rico. Politics in Puerto Rico is spoken with energy and passion.”

Other U.S. territories such as America Samoa and Guam, both of which were won by Romney, are also up for delegate collection.

This win comes as a momentum rebuilder seeing as Romney lost badly in the South to Rick Santorum days ago. His win in Puerto Rico also may speak to a Hispanic vote that he will need in order to stand a chance against Barack Obama.

Trailing behind Romney is Rick Santorum with 253 delegates. As the race moves forwards, Romney seems to be securing his nomination.

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