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GlobalGrind recently sat down and chopped it up with Grammy-nominated soulstress Melanie Fiona. The bold-voiced soloist delved into the topics of her highly anticipated second EP The MF Life, what it was like winning two Grammys, and how it feels to be on the wrong side of a love song. 

NEW MUSIC: Melanie Fiona “I Been That Girl”

A natural born hustler, Fiona has crossed many bridges and overcome countless hurdles to reach The MF Life. The second album for SRC/Title 9/Universal Motown singer conveys a burgeoning Fiona, moving forward onto bigger and better grandeurs of life. 

NEW MUSIC: Melanie Fiona Ft. J.Cole “This Time”

In what is an immensely gratifying and enlightening one-on-one, the auspicious singer reveals how her favorite [and most emotional] song came about, saying:

“I was so moved that I went in the booth, freestyled the song basically, and then just came out and filled in the words after. But what you hear in the vocal on the track, a lot of it is the rough draft. I didn’t go back and do or change much of it … I think it’s my favorite record because I’m so proud of it and I think that it’s the most emotional record of the album…”

Behind every great heartbreak song, lies an even greater heartbreaker and Fiona explained how such an impassioned outcome of a song resulted from being blindsided in her past relationship:

“I don’t know where it came from. I wrote that song, freestyled those words in that melody and that pain when I didn’t really recognize that maybe I was in that pain … Maybe subconsciously I did.” 

As the old saying rings true, what didn’t kill Fiona undeniably made her stronger. And she has two Grammys and the release of her much awaited succeeding album to prove it:

“…there’s only one way it can happen: you either win a Grammy or you don’t. I won two… and so it was like two dreams!”

Check out our full interview with Miss Melanie Fiona, below. You won’t regret it!