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Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney has secured yet another victory in Chicago’s state of Illinois, totaling his delegates to over 521, according to a CNN projection.

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This win comes as no major surprise especially when considering Romney outspent his major adversary, Rick Santorum, 21 to 1 in Illinois. Romney has also been leading in momentum as he has accumulated the most delegates and captured a big win in Puerto Rico just two days ago.

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The remaining participants in the race are Texas Congressman Ron Paul and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich. Paul, who many say has the most enthusiastic supporters, has the least amount of delegates (69) and has yet to win a state.

Gingrich comes in 3rd place behind Santorum with only 3 state wins and 137 delegates.

Many people are concerned with whether or not this extended Republican nomination process is beneficial to the party. For Democrats, the perpetual fighting amongst these candidates is far from a problem.

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