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“She’s gone mad, I tell you! MAD!”

That’s what we imagine must have been going through Nicki Minaj’s head for her Complex Magazine 10th Anniversary cover shoot. 

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And it ain’t hard to tell – Roman Zolanski had something to do with the stark white wig and head spinning graphics.

Hot97’s own Miss Info sat down with the hip-pop star to talk about branding, what’s next and where she sees herself in the next 10 years. 

On branding her image, Nicki said:

All artists should want to learn the business as they go along. If you’re in this shit, talking about how you just want to be an artist, you’re fucking stupid. It makes me cringe…

I didn’t know who I was as an artist. I knew who I was as a person. My morals and everything, they’re still the same. And then I took it upon myself to create this artist, Nicki Minaj. I wanted to do what a label cannot do. Now, labels are going to think they can re-create this. [Laughs.] But they can’t.

With a Super Bowl halftime and Grammy stage performance already under her belt, Minaj speaks on what’s next:

I’m working on my fragrance and my apparel line. They took stuff that I’ve worn, focused on what I like, and then they started doing sketches… I was like “Oh my God, the kids are going to love this.” It’s not gonna get done overnight, but I know that it’s something they’re going to love.

Nicki even speaks on raising a few of her own little Barbies and Kens in the future:

In 2022, I’ll definitely be married and I’ll definitely have my two children. OK, I might have three, but I do want at least one boy. 

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Nicki confesses that she isn’t sure if she’ll still be making music in the next ten years, but insists that it’s too soon to tell – she’s only on her second album! But if she could ever enjoy a pseudo-retired career like Jay’s – where she can drop bars because she wants to, not because she has to – she’d be more than satisfied.

This is the second time Minaj has graced the front cover of the popular men’s style/lifestyle magazine. The first time was back in 2010 with Nicki donning her signature, long black Chinese bang wig. It was our first good look at the complex character (no pun intended) we all know and love today.

So much has gone by since then, including her debut studio album Pink Friday, million dollars in endorsement deals and obvious sonic evolution. Nicki’s clearly been able to accomplish more in two years than some of the leading veterans in the music game today.

Her sophomore studio album Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded hits shelves on April 4th. 

SOURCE: Complex

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