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Our favorite Barbadian princess Rihanna is so good at being bad! She’s reportedly in a relationship with Chris Brown and most recently, Drake. But could this diva have grown a fancy for our beloved Ashton Kutcher?!

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Rihanna certainly wouldn’t be the first gal to swoon over Kutcher’s boyishly handsome looks. She’s another pea in the pod when it comes to the sexpod prankster.

Nonetheless, our RiRi was caught pulling up to Kutcher’s driveway around midnight last night!

DETAILS: Rihanna’s Late Night Rendevous

Yep, after a night clubbing and drinking, she was allegedly texting back and forth with her main man Ashton, when finally he requested her royal presence at his humble abode. 

TMZ initially reported the matter, where the pair supposedly spent 4 hours doing god knows what. The media site, however, seemingly struck a change of heart and quickly revoked the post, pictures and all.

Those publicists must be hard at work…

We’ve documented the highly confusing and complicated “friendship” with Chris Brown. Who told Rihanna he’s been dying to f*ck her right now, on their “Birthday Cake” remix. Breezy and Rihanna can easily get back together and be an item, but he’s involved.

So one to Drake who seems to have the most cuddling, me and Rihanna are an item pictures than any of the men Rihanna has been linked to. The duo was last seen stroking each other on the set of Drake’s “Take Care” set, they are surely friendly.

So with all these hook ups, which one of Rihanna’s Two and a Half Men would you most like to see her settle down with? 

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