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While the red carpet is filled with the glitz and glam that our favorite celebrities bring, it can also be a very dangerous place…

The always fresh and fly Kim Kardashian was recently hit with a bomb of flour while being interviewed on the red carpet; no one is safe!

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While she brushed it off like the true classy woman she is, Kim isn’t the only one to have gotten some serious attitude from fans and protesters while under the limelight.

The hottest heiress, Paris Hilton, was once hit with a flour bomb just like Kim while out on the town!.

The clean cut Tom Cruise was once hit with a hidden water gun microphone while giving an interview on the red carpet.

Even Republican candidates Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum aren’t safe from the gay activists who have glitter bombed them.

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Whether you’re just posing for a photo, or giving a speech, fans and protesters aren’t afraid to pull out the flour and glitter to get their message across.

Check out the gallery for pictures of other celebrities who have been bombed!

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