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Kim Kardashian literally had to dust her shoulders off after being flour bombed Thursday night and TMZ got their hands on her for an official response. The reality TV star says the bomber is a straight up bully!

Kim says :

“It was crazy? I laughed it off, dusted it off and went upstairs got a blowdryer. I didn’t want to disrespect people’s jobs. The show must go on, It’s sad, whatever your beliefs are … it’s bullying and I don’t promote it. I didn’t want to hold up the event. I don’t think someone like that should get away with those types of actions.”

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On jumping right back into action for her event with ease, she says:

“I was pretty calm, there was security there all around. The second that happened [the security] rushed over. My team were troopers, they took this girl down. When something like that happens, you don’t expect it. I put my head down, walked out, and I was like, ‘let’s shake it up.’ She didn’t get it on my face, it was my jacket and my hair.”

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Kimmy says she definitely plans on beefing up her security in case of future attacks.

“We are definitely stepping up our team around me. We don’t sell fur in our clothing, or in our clothing lines. What I choose to do in my personal time is my personal choice and that’s that. We are definitely stepping up our security. At the end of the day, if you’re trying to promote non-violence towards animals why are you being violent towards humans?”

And there we have it! Kim is calm, cool and collected. Did the Kardashian leading lady deserve to be flour bombed?

Check out the video of Kim’s response here at TMZ!

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