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Ever heard of a fashion don’t? 

Well, a unibrow is like the faux pas you really don’t want on your face. 

Sure, in most countries outside the United States like Tajikistan, having a unibrow is considered attractive, but here on the homefront, having a unibrow may raise a few eyebrows. 

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Rappers like J.Cole and Drake have rocked the unibrow at least once in their lifetimes, and former U.S. President George Bush, Jr. had a unibrow while he attended Harvard University. 

Aside from Bush, GlobalGrind decided to round up our favorite unibrow rocking celebrities or notable individuals who deserve an unity award. 

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Our list kicks off with University of Kentucky basketball center Anthony Davis, who probably has the most famous unibrow in unibrow history – especially after his team told home the gold in the NCAA Championship game last night. 

Check out our favorite unibrows in the gallery above!

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