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Are you ready for a frenzy? Hip-pop has its next big super couple, and it’s none other than Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

I know I’ll get butchered for saying this, but there hasn’t been a pair of lovers who make the media cream this much since Jay-Z and Beyonce, or Chris Brown and Rihanna. 

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I know the Honeybeys are gonna swarm on me hard for that comparison, but let’s face it! Kim demands attention, and if she and Yeezy hit it off, she’ll be one of Beyonce’s BFFs. Deal with it. 

But that’s not why I’m writing this! I am writing this for the art. The art that is sure to follow, whether it’s from joy or from pain. We all know Yeezy likes to rap about his previous flames. 808’s And Heartbreaks was about his long time girlfriend, Alexis Phifer. Then his next project was called My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy which was pretty much all about Amber Rose. So what will Kim motivate Kanye to produce? 

Will she help him craft happy songs, dark ones, or maybe something new? I’m actually excited that these two are a couple because it’s going to produce some of the best art, and all of our ears are going to benefit from it. 

I believe that Kanye is about to paint a picture so vivid with Kim Kardashian as his muse that we will all be left in a comatose state of admiration. 

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Love her or hate her, Kim has a hell-bent desire to be the best in the business. Right now it’s time for her to be remolded and take her throne. There’s no doubt that her nightmare marriage hurt her brand, but now is the time where dreams are made. Kim isn’t ready to stop dreaming. 

When you add in Kanye West, there isn’t much left to be said. It can best be summed up by Christopher Walken in Man On Fire as he sets up the climax of the movie, speaking about Denzel Washington’s Creasy:

“A man can be an artist… in anything, food, whatever. It depends on how good he is at it… He’s about to paint his masterpiece.”

Kanye’s art is women and music. So I know this is going to be fun. 

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