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Model, actress, and now spokesperson for the soft drink Pepsi, the beautiful Paula Patton is nothing short of fabulous!  

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With a constant stream of opportunities being thrown her way from major blockbuster roles to magazine covers, and setting aside time for her personal life with husband Robin Thicke, we don’t know how she’s able to juggle everything – and with such poise!

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Paula took the time to sit and talk with GlobalGrind about the next few phases of her career, her hubby Robin Thicke, and the struggles she’s faced as a bi-racial actress. 

Take a look at the exclusive interview below!

You’re representing the next phase of Pepsi soft drinks, but what would you like the next phase of your career to look like?

I’m not one to be a big planner in that way. In one way, I like to take the bull by its horns and create my own projects, so I have a couple films that I’ve got in development.

And then I’m also somebody that’s moved by things, so I read scripts a lot and if I feel passionately about my script that’s what I’m going to do. So I think for me it’s best to go with my gut and where my heart leads me.

Your husband Robin Thicke suggested you play Whitney Houston in a biopic about her life. Would you be open to that in the future?

It would be an honor to play her. She’s a magnificent woman with an extraordinary career and personal life. And someone I admire greatly for everything she accomplished. I can’t even fathom it, but if it was to come my way, I’d absolutely be interested. For now, it feels way too soon though.

Are there any struggles you’ve faced as a bi-racial actress in the industry?

The reason why I have trouble with the word bi-racial is because I feel like it separates you from black people and I very much feel like a black woman, so I can only speak from that vantage point.

I’ve been very blessed because I’ve been able to work with producers, directors and actors that were able to think outside of the box like with Mission Impossible. These people were able to think on a wider scale that has given me great opportunities.

But obviously we know there’s still a ways for us to come and it’s not just for black people, it’s for Asians, Indians and Latin Americans and so many people that don’t get enough time on film or television.

We all feel love, pain and thrill the exact same way. If we could get to a place where we’re hiring people based on who they are as human beings then we can change the world.

We could start having more compassion and realize that we are all one and we are all human beings, and that we don’t need to separate it into a black movie or an Asian movie or a Latin movie.


Marriage is difficult already, but I imagine it’s hard to balance your busy schedules when you’re both such big forces in the entertainment industry. Do you have any fun traditions you do to keep your romance spicy?

We don’t. The truth is, we just have this crazy intense passion for one another. We have our ups and downs like anybody, but we just don’t want to be with anyone else! That’s what keeps it together. We’re just crazy about one another. And sometimes it’s not balanced but you just keep truckin’.

In your Ghost Protocol interviews you talked about the tough side of your personality that you were able to bring out in the catfight scene. Has that always been there since you were a little girl?

I think I called it “violent rage” and I’ve hidden it deep down. My mother taught me to be very lady-like. I was always very athletic as a child and I loved competitive sports. I played soccer and ran track.

That’s what fun about acting. You explore all these different aspects of your personality. When Mission Impossible came about, it was exciting to explore that competitive, physical side of myself, which I haven’t been able to do before on screen.

Is there another side of your personality that the audience hasn’t seen yet that you would like to explore?

I think I just want to make whatever character I decide to play as honest and real as possible. I don’t know if my husband will even see every side of me! So for me, it’s more about trying to do your best work at all times.