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Kim Kardashian is in need of some Theraflu!

DETAILS: Kanye West Thinks Kim K. Can Be His Very Own “Beyonce” 

Kim’s BFF La La Anthony tweeted not too long ago that she is “sick like a dog,” and Kimmy then responded saying:

“U need some Theraflu?”

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Hmm… See any subliminal there? Kim’s recent hot romance with Kanye may be the reason why she’s recommending a Yeezy-sponsored medication. 

Kanye’s “Theraflu” track drops hints at his budding relationship with Kim K. The couple seemed to be inseparable these past couple of weeks, constantly photographed together enjoying each other’s company.

As previously reported, Kanye feels Kim may be his own personal “Beyonce” – not a far stretch from the truth seeing that both Kanye and Kim make a powerful duo.

We wonder if La La caught the Kanye reference?