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Happy Weekend Everyone! It’s finally the weekend and it’s time to enjoy it. For Dollars & Sense, Wildcard Weekend we will be discussing all of the insanely cool things you can do in honor of Coachella!

Hit the Show:

This weekend some of music’s biggest celebrities will be performing in Indio, CA including The Black Keys, Kendrick Lamar and Frank Ocean! Passes start around $285 so go ahead and purchase one! It’s time to enjoy some good music and good people.


Camp out for the show:

One of the most popular ways to actually experience all of Coachella is to camp out on the grounds! The coolest way to camp out is the safari tent experience. It allows you artist passes and a completely furnished tent with air conditioning, private restrooms and showers. Passes start around $6500 for two people, but it’s wildcard weekend so money isn’t an issue, right?


Make Money with Your Clutter!

It’s actually very simple. Sell some of your stuff! Not only will you get rid of the things you don’t need but you’ll have cash and new space for the things you really want. Happy Selling! 

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