When late great rapper Tupac’s hologram appeared on this year’s Coachella Music Festival’s stage, the world was absolutely speechless. 

VIDEO: TUPAC BACK! Tupac’s Hologram Performs At 2012 Coachella Music Festival

It seemed so surreal to see Tupac Shakur performing alongside Snoop Dogg 15 years after being shot multiple times on the infamous night of September 7, 1996. 

The slightly eerie yet amazing hologram mimicked all the real life movements Tupac would do if he were still alive. 

Tupac isn’t the first musician to come back as a hologram, Michael Jackson came back as a less realistic looking hologram during a tribute concert. 

VIDEO: Frank Ocean Sets It Off At Coachella 2012

GlobalGrind started thinking about all of our favorite deceased celebrities who we would love to resurrect and see live in concert. 

From R&B singer Aaliyah to legendary rocker Kurt Cobain, GlobalGrind rounded up the 10 best celebs that should come back as holograms. 

Check them all out in the gallery above!

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