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Mega stud muffin Chris Hemsworth has landed the cover of the May 2012 issue of Out magazine!

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The 28-year-old actor and brother to Liam will star in this spring’s most anticipated movie The Avengers, set to hit theaters on May 4th. Check out some highlights from his interview:

On being worried that his size in ‘Thor’ will lead to typecasting: 
“Being that size, you are very quickly stereotyped. Clearly, you can’t be talented if you’re that bulky. He’s going to be a meathead, you know? You do wonder if you’ll be restricted and not allowed to do anything else. But what it gives you far outweighs those negatives. Kenneth Branagh, Natalie Portman, Anthony Hopkins — this was not your average blockbuster superhero thing.”

On the good advice he received from Channing Tatum:
 “Channing made a good point about audiences these days having ADHD. You can’t keep away for too long. Stars are pumped out. We live in a different age. The movie is a lot bigger than the star. There are plenty of guys you can throw into action roles, but you have to capitalize on it.”

On whether he and Elsa Pataky planned their baby:
 “Er, yes and no. I have to be elusive about that.”

On his quick rise to superstardom:
 “I’d love to say it’s all about hard work, and, yes, that’s a component, but I know so many actors who are hard workers who it’s just not happening for.

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Nice to see quiet Chris come out of his shell, we wish he’d come out of his shirt a little more in these pics – either way, take a look! 

SOURCE: Out Magazine